Two History Groups Combine Efforts

San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA), June 22, 2005


The Digital Clubhouse Network, founded in Sunnyvale, and the regional California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, are now partners sharing facilities at History Park in San Jose.

“To my knowledge, this will be the first partnership of this type in the country among traditional historical organizations and a service-driven volunteer program for youth that is created for the specific purpose of using multi-generational storytelling to strengthen the bonds of community,” says David Crosson of History San Jose, which manages the park.

Digital Clubhouse’s teen volunteers, among other projects, have been interviewing people in their 80s, getting them to tell their stories and share photographs, and recording it all for posterity on DVD. “The teens can drag out stories that have not been told for 60 years — if ever,” marvels Jerry Rosenthal, president of the Pioneers, who archive history through more traditional means. Their projects include:

  1. Stories of Service
  2. Digital Griot
  3. Intergenerational Digital Storytelling
  4. Digital Healing
  5. Latino Legacy
  6. Good Grief
  7. Young Brave Hearts
  8. Kids on the Web

Subjects Covered: digital storytelling, education, personal storytelling

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