Uncle Cleo and the Word the Devil Made Up

by Kirk Waller

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Uncle Cleo means a lot to me for many reasons. Each time I tell and hear the story, it reminds me of all of the people in my life that have introduced me to and influenced my storytelling. It intimates at the magic of those older storytellers weaving stories from life, weaving stories inside of stories. Uncle Cleo is near to my heart because of family. As a California city boy, my childhood memories of spending the summer in Texarkana, Texas have brought joy and enrichment to my life. I also had a wonderful opportunity to tell this same story at the Exchange Place at the National Storytelling Festival this past fall.

About Kirk

Kirk Waller has been immersed in storytelling and performing arts for over 20 years – Using spoken word, rhythm, music and movement to create an unforgettable storytelling experience. Kirk is a winner of the NSN’s J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant, a Parent’s Choice Foundation GOLD award for his latest CD, “But Why?” as well as numerous awards and accomplishments. Kirk is available for bookings at festivals and events everywhere. In addition to staying busy with performances in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he resides, he will be featured at the Hearing Voices Festival in Portland, Oregon and the Broward County Children’s Festival in Florida next month.

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Website: http://kirkwaller.com

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