Your Stories: BBC Broadcasts Viewer-Produced Videos

Digital-Lifestyles.Info (London, England, UK), April 26, 2005


BBCi has launched a programming service for digital satellite viewers showcasing short films made by ordinary folk across the UK. Commissioned by BBC New Media and developed by BBC Nations and Regions, the service – dubbed “Your Stories” – is accessible at any time by pressing the red button on the remote control.

The program features content generated under the auspices of two BBC projects designed to give people the skills to make short films about their own lives: Video Nation and Digital Stories.

BBCi controller, Rahul Chakkara, explained the reasoning behind Your Stories service: “The BBCi audience is maturing, and is looking for content that is social and highly involving, available to them whenever they want.”

“Your Stories is the beginning of our efforts to meet this need. We go beyond involvement through interaction and we involve our audiences by encouraging them to produce their own content.”


Subjects Covered: digital storytelling

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