NSN’s 2020 Halloween Gala Tellers!

The Programming Committee is thrilled to announce
NSN’s 2020 Halloween Gala Tellers!


Haunted Story Slam (6pm Central US Time)
YOU! Prepare your best 5-min true personal “Haunted” story & throw your name in the hat!

Storied Costume Contest (8pm Central US Time)
YOU! (Again!) Don a costume and share a 30-60-second story about it in the first or third person.


Little Shivers FAMILY SHOW (3pm Central US Time)
Jeeva Raghunath (India) – 5 Boney Skeletons
Stephen Gashler (Utah) – Queen of Flies
Liz Weir (Ireland) – The Bengal Lancer
Dan Kelin II (Hawaii) – Half Boy & Dog
Donna Washington (North Carolina) – Habbiyas
Anne Glover (Canada) – Inuit String Figure
Roger Jenkins (Singapore) – The Strange Visitor

Night Terrors ADULT SHOW (7pm Central US Time)
Colin Urwin (Ireland) – The Bog Woman
Motoko (Japan/USA) – Death Grip
Ed Chevy (Hawaii) – Poe’s Tell Tale Heart (in American Sign Language)
Cooper Braun Enos (Colorado) – Ghoul Wife
Lyn Ford (Ohio) – By Another Name


Little Pumpkin FAMILY SHOW (3pm Central US Time)
Mary Jo Maichack (Massachusetts) – 2 songs
Karin Amano (Japan/USA) – Ohana & Umbrella Kapa
Elizabeth Dodds (Utah) – Scritch Scratch
Lilli Rodrigues-Pang (Australia) – Tia Mizeria
Dan Kelin II (Hawaii) – Katia Bites
Joel ben Izzy (California) – The Green Hand

Howling ADULT SHOW (7pm Central US Time)
Lyn Ford (Ohio)- Railroad Tracks
Valentina Ortiz Pandolfi (Mexico/NYC) – Exorcism
Adam Booth (West Virginia) – Bleeding Grave
Liz Weir (Ireland) – Chain of Memories
Ingrid Nixon (Alaska) – Rocking Chair
Uncle Gery (Java) – Kanti’s Story
Diane Ferlatte w/Eric Pearson (California) – Remembrance Service

REGISTRATION is OPEN at https://storynet.org/gala

Find BIOS & FULL Schedule with Workshop, Slam, Swap & Social Event details.

‘Pay-What-You-Can’, Single Event Tickets & Weekend Packages all available!

Already have plans? Too Scared to show up? No problem!

Recordings of the shows will be available to those who register!

NSN’s HALLOWEEN GALA present 22 storytellers in four shows. YES, there are storytelling stars (old & new). YES, there are International talents, and YES, some new voices too. Gentle chills begin both Family shows, escalating in tension as the program continues. Adult shows on both nights seek to get under the skin & inside the head.

The Process:

NSN has been using a combination of open calls and curated content for some time. This is part of what has made our conferences so good, and one of the ways that we have been able to increase representation. Unfortunately, the timeline for this event did not allow an open call. (Storytellers, don’t worry – there will be open calls for all the other events we are planning!) With only a couple short weeks to get this event from an idea to a reality that we could adequately promote, we invited a list of spooky tale talents to submit story videos and narrowed down the responses to bring you the best program we could. We received more videos than we could use, and struggled to get down to the quality programs we are offering. We hope this weekend will give you all the things you loved about CONNECTED – social times, a swap, excellent stories from global tellers, & a slam – plus a few new things – family performances and a costume contest with a storytelling twist! This weekend will be a blast, raise money for NSN, and paying storytellers for their time and talents.

You might have noticed- Liz Weir, Lyn Ford, & Dan Kelin II each have two tales in these shows. Why? We limited applications to a total of 20 minutes of material. These tellers offer up two outstanding stories within that time frame. This means you will get to enjoy these tellers on multiple virtual stages.

Want to know more about all the tellers? Teller bios & photos are live at storynet.org/gala. Check them out! We even made a promo video:


We are launching NSN’s best promo effort in ages. Still, we need your help. Please help us spread the word by sharing, liking (or loving) our social media posts, and inviting friends.

Register Now & Spread the Word!


Pay-What-You-Can’ option for all events,
Suggested Whole Weekend Pricing:
$75 Members, $100 Others (of All Kinds), or pay per show too.
This is an NSN Fundraiser. Thank you.


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