Healing Treasures

How Old Woman Kytna Brought Her Daughter Home

A Koryak Story from Kamchatka Peninsula, Retold by Kira Van Deusen. In Kichiga old woman Kytna lived with her old man. They had a daughter named Ralinavut, a grown-up daughter. Not far from their village lived a wolf pack, twenty-eight wolves. One time Ralinavut went for a walk and got lost, she did not return …

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Outwitting Death

A Hungarian Folktale, Retold By Gail Rosen. I have told this story in many settings. Its humor is delightful and the story allows thinking and conversation about death, in a way that feels safer for people than direct questions about their personal feelings and experiences. But she was full of life, and never dreamt of …

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Monkey Mind

Prepared by Laura Simms. One evening I told my son a story that I had read from the Lemba tribe of Sierra Leone, West Africa. I was delighted to find tales from the country where he was born. Sierra Leone has been involved in a horrendous civil war for ten years. The war has resulted …

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The Magic Ball

Adapted by Joan Stockbridge. The Magic Ball is adapted from a story from the Chubut Province in southern Argentina. This version is meant to focus on the addiction and recovery themes useful in recovery settings. Once there was a dreadful witch who lived on a mountaintop where the winds howled and the snow blew. She …

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The Cracked Pot

A tale from India retold by Mary Dessein. Story is a natural tool for use in addiction treatment and offers a safe way to examine some very difficult issues, ones that can be frightening or shameful to have to admit too soon in the recovery process.   A water-bearer carries two large pots on a …

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A German folktale adapted by Allison Cox. I have told this story to women’s substance abuse recovery groups, parenting support classes, caregivers retreats, and for various women’s issues.   There once was a woman who had so many problems, so many worries, so many troubles… that at times she felt she had more troubles than …

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