Connected: Creating Tomorrow – Call for Workshops, Panels, and Master Classes


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2022 NSN Virtual Conference & Festival
CONNECTED: CREATING TOMORROW – honoring the past and shaping our future

We want your proposals that celebrate our roots, honor the paths already traveled, encourage deep reflection, unleash creativity, inspire innovation, and imagine our next steps.

Who do we want and need to be moving forward – as artists, business people, and a community?

Bring your big questions. Share your ideas and proven methods. Collaborate with others to create the future of storytelling. Share the ways you have adapted and changed as a storyteller, teacher, healer, artist, business person, leader, producer, or preacher.


July 27-31, 2022 NSN will bring together storytellers from all over the United States and the world!

Propose your best workshop, panel discussion, or master class that relates to the theme “Creating Tomorrow.” Proposals for sessions about business and artistic skills will also be considered.

Workshops are 90-minute sessions with hands-on activities that actively teach a skill or technique to participants. They should not be lectures without participation. 

Panel Discussions are 90-minute sessions that bring together 3-4 experts on a topic. Each expert usually presents briefly, with 10-20 minutes of Q&A from the audience at the end of the session. Panel Discussions should include dedicated time for the experts to discuss questions from the moderator. 

Master Classes are 4-hour sessions presented by a Master Storyteller for storytellers working toward mastery of a specific skill. Master Classes must have active engagement from participants. Small group work in breakout rooms is encouraged.

WHAT WE OFFER YOU: We will pay a flat fee of $250 for each workshop, regardless of the number of people presenting. Panel discussions will pay $100 per panelist/moderator for up to four (4) participants. We will pay a flat fee of $500 for Master Classes, regardless of the number of people presenting. All presenters will also receive a 40% discount on a Connected package registration.

NSN will provide at least one (1) technical support person per session, and training to help you set up your home studio.

Each session will be recorded. Recordings will be made available to conference participants and will become part of NSN’s digital library for one (1) year, with copyright retained by the artist. Please review the NSN Recording Policy. The policy can be reviewed by clicking here.


You are welcome to submit more than one (1) proposal, but can only be selected to present one (1) workshop, panel, or master class as a part of Connected. A presenter may present a workshop and perform in a showcase, provided separate proposals for both are submitted and selected. Participating in other NSN events outside of the conference does not prohibit participation in Connected.

Please be mindful that participants will be in front of a computer for a long time. Build in opportunities to move or step away from the computer whenever possible. For Master Classes, build in ample breaks of various lengths and be creative with giving your participants opportunities to engage with the content away from their screens. 


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 at 12 pm Noon Central U.S. Time

Fill out the form below with all relevant information and attachments.

You will be notified of the results by March 15, 2022

You will receive a copy of your proposal via email after your submission is complete.

NEW THIS YEAR: You may now save a working draft of your proposal by scrolling to the bottom of the form and selecting “Save.” Users are responsible for maintaining their own drafts. You must click SUBMIT before the deadline to have your proposal considered.  NSN will not be able to recover lost drafts.

Email with any questions not answered here.

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