Connected: Across the Divide – 2021 Keynote Nomination Form


2021 NSN Virtual Conference & Festival
Connected: Across the Divide – Five days of storytelling aimed at building bridges with stories.

Storytelling has been shown to be a powerful tool to help bridge differences with compassion and empathy. Stories help us see the humanity in one another, understand motivations, and appreciate similarities. This July, we will be exploring all the ways that story and storytelling help us reach across the divides that separate us. We seek proposals that share the power of story to address our differences and celebrate our commonalities. Have you used story to address divides between cultures, races, ages, religions, political parties, or storytelling forms/styles? What about the divides within or between families, communities, or organizations? Can you speak to the divides created by this pandemic, including the distance between traditions of live performance and the demands and limitations of virtual delivery? Share your expertise in helping to reach across any divide – physical, emotional, psychological, or digital. We look forward to exploring these ideas with you.

NSN is seeking nominations for Keynote speakers who could address the role of storytelling in connecting people across divides. This could be any kind of divide: political, racial, physical, emotional, etc. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE is 11:59 pm on Monday, May 10, 2021

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Note: you may NOT nominate yourself.

Please note: Partially complete submissions are not saved and there is no way to save your submission and return to complete it later. You must submit your complete proposal for your submission to be saved. Therefore, NSN is providing a draft submission form that can be used to prepare your submission prior to submitting a proposal on the live form below. NSN strongly encourages the use of this form or a word processing program in preparation for submitting any proposal.

Email with any questions not answered here.

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