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2022 NSN Virtual Conference & Festival

How do we learn from our history, without being weighed down by it? What role do we play in creating the change we’d like to see in the world? How can we inspire creative solutions to common problems? Where should storytellers be that they aren’t – yet?

NSN is seeking Keynote speakers who could address the role of storytelling in honoring the past and shaping our future. How can stories and/or storytelling play a leading part in creating tomorrow?

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 at 12 pm Noon Central U.S. Time

Based on feedback from our event attendees and prior keynote speakers, National Storytelling Network is using a new method for keynote speaker selection this year. Please review the form prior to completing it to ensure you have all pertinent information. Note: Keynotes should be in presentation format and not include work time or breakout rooms.

Keynote presenters will receive a flat rate of $1000 for the contribution of their talents to 2022 CONNECTED. Keynotes are typically an hour in length.

Keynotes will be recorded and become part of the NSN digital library for one (1) year. Please review the NSN Recording Policy. The policy can be reviewed by clicking here.

NEW THIS YEAR: You may now save a working draft of your proposal by scrolling to the bottom of the form and selecting “Save.” Users are responsible for maintaining their own drafts. You must click SUBMIT before the deadline to have your proposal considered.  NSN will not be able to recover lost drafts.

Email with any questions not answered here.

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