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Stories and Science: Eco-justice, Action, & Hope

 Empower your mind. Empower your spirit. Empower your very soul.

Stories speak to the head through the heart, and our hearts are aching a lot these days as fires, floods, droughts, typhoons, a loss of biodiversity, heat islands, COVID and a questionable future plague our every waking minute. In addition to these miseries, the ongoing racial injustice that feels endemic to our nation, is crushing the health and spirit of many black, brown, and indigenous communities. These issues are not separate, and this year’s Earth-Up conference will focus on creating and sharing stories about this essential intersection. We want to leave this conference with stories that we can use in our communities, legislature, and local governments to wake everyone up to this confluence and compel us all to commit to a clean, just future.


April 8-10, 2022, NSN will bring together a virtual international group of artists, scientists, teachers, students, and activists to explore the use of story in addressing the climate crisis and issues of environmental justice. Often when facts do not succeed, stories can align the listener with a human experience and allow for new understandings.

NSN will curate three different types of presentations:

  1. Workshop (90 minutes – the participants must DO something)
  2. Panel discussion (60-75 minutes, plus 15-30 minutes of Q&A)
  3. Master Class (3-4 hours with active participation by attendees)

All workshops, master classes, and panel discussions will be presented as Zoom Meetings.

WHAT WE OFFER YOU: We will pay a flat fee of $250 for each workshop, regardless of the number of people presenting. Panel discussions will pay $100 per panelist for up to four (4) panelists. We will pay a flat fee of $500 for Master Classes, regardless of the number of people presenting. All presenters will also receive a 40% discount on full package registrations or a 20% discount on single day registrations.

NSN will provide at least one (1) technical support person per session, and training to help you set up your home studio.

Each session will be recorded. Recordings will be made available to conference participants and will become part of NSN’s digital library for one (1) year, with copyright retained by the artist. Please review the NSN Recording Policy by clicking HERE.


You may submit more than one proposal, but may only present or perform once as a part of Earth Up 2022.

Please be mindful that participants will be in front of a computer for a long time. Build in opportunities to move or step away from the computer whenever possible. For Master Classes, build in ample breaks of various lengths and be creative with giving your participants opportunities to engage with the content away from their screens. 

submissions are now closed


Fill out the form below with all relevant information and attachments.

You will be notified of the results by January 28, 2022.

You will receive a copy of your proposal in your email after submitting. You will also be able to edit your submission after submitting it – up to the January 12 deadline – by saving the link after submission or through the email that will be sent automatically.

NEW THIS YEAR: You may now save a working draft of your proposal by scrolling to the bottom of the form and selecting “Save.” Users are responsible for maintaining their own drafts and remembering to submit their completed proposal before the deadline. NSN will not be able to recover lost drafts.

Email with any questions not answered here.

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