Storytelling to Outside Audiences


Improving Your Storytelling Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work or Play
Author: Lipman, Doug
Format: Book
Publisher: August House
Comments: The last chapter describes “transformation.” Lipman says, “Every highly successful storytelling event changes the listeners and the storyteller.” This book can help you go beyond the basics in using storytelling to bring about transformation in an organization.
Categories: Leadership, Cultural Change, Conflict Resolution, Training, Sales, Marketing, Community Relations, Recruiting

Making Stories A Practical Guide for Organizational Leaders and Human Resource Specialists
Author: Gargiulo, Terrence L.
Format: Book
Publisher: Quorum Books
Comments: Resource for practical, “how-to” information. The title says it all.
Categories: Leadership, Cultural Change, Selling Value, Training, Conflict Resolution, Recruiting

Orbiting the Giant Hairball A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace
Author: MacKenzie, Gordon
Format: Book
Publisher: Viking
Comments: Survival guide for gifted individuals who spend their days working beside Dilbert. Also a guide for leaders of these creative individuals. Wonderful collection of stories that worked (and didn’t work) in an organization.
Categories: Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Training, Sales and Marketing.


(Inputs being prepared. Suggestions welcomed.)


Person or Company: Seth Kahan
Service Provided: Helps organizations as a speaker, storyteller, facilitator for collaboration, and more.
Categories: Leadership, Cultural Change, Conflict Resolution, Training, Development, Mentoring

Person or Company: Doug Lipman
Service or Product : Coaching, training, publications, web site
Categories: Leadership, Cultural Change, Conflict Resolution, Training, Development, Mentoring

Person or Company: McLellan Wyatt Digital
Service Provided: Helps clients develop and implement an effective content strategy using the latest media resources available
Categories: Leadership, Cultural Change, Training

Person or Company: Annette Simmons
Service or Product : author, speaker, researcher, teaches storytelling, dialogue facilitator
Categories: Marketing, Leadership, Group Process, Dialogue, Storytelling, Human Behavior, Behavioral Health


Note: The workingstories web site maintains an excellent and active list of events, worldwide:

Event: Annual National Storytelling Conference: Pre-Conference Sessions on Storytelling in Organizations
Service Provided: Full day of presentations.
Categories: Vary from year to year.


Tip: The best way to get an extensive and current list of sites is to type a phrase like “storytelling in organizations” into a search engine. Here are a few specific sites with info on storytelling in organizations.

Value/Info: Valuable site dedicated organizational storytelling. Has a bulletin board, list of local organizational storytelling groups, library, and calendar of events.

Value/Info: Large bibliography of useful books

Value/Info: Collection of articles and extensive collection of links related to storytelling in organizations, especially in more than one storytelling medium.
URL: and

Value/Info: Article in Presentations magazine: Telling Stories

Value/Info: Narrative psychology and storied conduct.

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