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NSN Gala Planning Committee

Alton Chung said it best: “I’m tired of going to spooky shows that are not spooky.”

So here are the most twisted, supernatural, and disturbing tales we could fine. Lovers of horror, you will be pleased. Your guide on this journey will be me, JEFF GERE. I’ll be celebrating my birthday with you on this evening- I’m a Halloween baby. As my mother often said, ‘that explains a LOT!”

Sat. Oct. 31- Night Terrors ADULT SHOW (7pm Central US Time)
Colin Urwin (Ireland) – The Bog Woman
Motoko (Japan/ Massachusetts ) – Death Grip
Ed Chevy (Hawaii) – Poe’s Tell Tale Heart (in American Sign Language)
Cooper Braun Enos (Colorado) – Ghoul Wife
Lyn Ford (Ohio) – By Another Name

Who better to begin a Halloween show than an Irishman talking of the Celtic origin of this Night for the Dead? COLIN URWIN continues to tell us of his meeting with the Bog Woman. Pay attention, you lovers of personal narrative!

MOTOKO (Japan/Massachusetts) premiers her new video of this Japanese traditional tale, ‘Death Grip’. Yes, she made it for this Halloween show! Jealousy outlasts death in this actual, true horror tale! Creepy!

I’m so happy to introduce you, the NSN family, to Hawaii’s deaf storytelling star, ED CHEVY. For a decade, Ed did Edgar Allan Poe tales in ASL (American Sign Language, of course) on the Spooky Night at my Talk Story Festival. Every year, Ed rocked that house! It was hard to find interpreters to voice him who could match his intensity (done well here by KEVIN RODDY.) We finally got him in a TV studio. You’ll finally see this firecracker go off for yourself.

COOPER BRAUN ENOS (Colorado) recently did a spooky Zoom show with Rachel Ann Harding. I loved it so much, I went the next night too! Oh, his Ghoul Wife is intense! Yeah, really.

LYN FORD (Ohio) is celebrated for her Spookies. This original tale, ‘By Another Name (which spins off Rumplestiltskin) was shot at my Talk Story Festival stage (2013.) She is chillingly eloquent. Literature, storytelling, and horror mix with video arts and effects in this gripping story ‘event’ to close the night. This smart horror is just so good on so many levels!

After, in the Werewolf Cafe, we’ll compare notes, howl at the screen & enjoy the Gallery View!

Sun, Nov. 1 – Howling ADULT SHOW (7pm Central US Time)
Lyn Ford (Ohio)- Railroad Tracks
Valentina Ortiz Pandolfi (Mexico/ NYC) – Exorcism
Adam Booth (West Virginia) – Bleeding Grave
Liz Weir (Ireland) – Chain of Memories
Ingrid Nixon (Washington & Alaska) – Rocking Chair
Uncle Gery (Java) – Kanti’s Story
Diane Ferlatte w/Eric Pearson (California) – Remembrance Service

The Adult tales fell into two groups: chilling & weird (shared last night), and tonight, Sunday, are tales in which the living and the dead come to some sort of life together.. or not. ALTON CHUNG will be your guide. Alton has done the ‘heavy lifting’ stitching these recordings together for the Gala’s four shows. Bravo!

LYN FORD (Ohio) appears as a white face in a large darkness. She does not smile as she spins out this tale of a drunk man stumbling home following the railroad tracks. Here is eerie story video magic!

VALENTINA ORTIZ PANDOLFI (Mexico/NYC) packs more stories in this 11 minute epic than I find in most movies. Personal crisis, exorcism, and a gruesome family history… WOW! The veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is very thin here! She has just left a small Mexican village where she has been quarantined since May. It was really a challenge for her to record and share this epic tale, but so worth it.

ADAM BOOTH (West Virginia) tell us of a fearless man who finds a way to make a horror heal. Adam serves up a rare broth, both touching & macabre. But Adam… is… green!

LIZ WEIR (Ireland) stands before a mountain and maps out a ‘Chain of Memories’ winding from Ireland to America and back again. Yesterday, sitting in a big chair, she told us a frightful tale (with a twist) in the Kid’s Halloween show.

INGRID NIXON (Washington) was a name without a face to me for years, but not any more. Oh, so elegantly told, a horror coming to a touching release… and such a clean video ‘look’ too. Ingrid may be living in Alaska now, but she’ll be moving you in your house with this Rocking Chair tale.

UNCLE GERY (Java) was a hit in NSN’s eight day virtual ‘Connected’ (Indonesia Session.) As he tells this tragic tale of a jealousy, you can see it becoming so vivid to him that he can barely finish telling it. Story contains power. Telling them releases that power. And we are moved.

DiANE FERLATTE (California) with ERIK PEARSON (banjo) brings us all home again, with song, with a little shiver, and a huge embrace. Yes, the Ancestors are with us in this tale of remembrance.

OUR TEAM is on FIRE! So many Promo graphics & videos (thanks to Rachel Hedman!)

All the story videos for the shows have been collected!

Both JEFF GERE (Saturday host) & ALTON CHUNG have recorded MC parts.

WHY WAIT? Registration is open, the Zoom Rooms are filling!

See video for Sneak Peak of Halloween Gala


Each session has an intro- like THIS!


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