The Narrative in a Suitcase Project

by Mary K. Clark How can journey metaphors be used to assist child refuges?  Zimbabwean psychologist and narrative therapist, Ncazelo Nucbe-Mlilo shares the Narratives in the suitcase project. Story, play and creativity  are used to help children connect with their stories and dreams for the future. The project also helps others see and understand a …

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Graphic Storytelling & Medical Narratives

by Mary K. Clark Are you interested in storytelling and medical narratives? While many who visit the Healing Story Alliance Website are oral storytellers, we can learn much from story as it is expressed in other art forms. Penn State University’s College of Medicine asks their 4th year residents to create graphic stories – that …

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The Brain, Story and the Written Word

by Mary K.  Clark. Can stories stimulate and possibly even change how we act in life?  Neuroscience is showing that it can according to Annie Murphy Paul in her New York Times Opinion Piece, Your Brain on Fiction. Researchers have long known that the “classical” language regions, like Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area, are involved …

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