HSA Monthly Teleconference

Onawumi Jean Moss

Storytelling In Times Like These The focus of this teleconference is on storytelling as a pivotal instrument to spark interest in social change. Storytelling is an integral part of our consciousness. In the best of times it is sent forth to nurture our dreams, aspirations and our ability to think highly of ourselves and others. In […]

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Elisa Pearmain

Putting Down the Burning Coal Transforming anger into forgiveness through story. Through the lens of several folktales, personal stories and case studies, Elisa will illustrate the impediments to forgiveness, particularly looking at the many functions of anger. She will also suggest approaches for shifting our held resentment stories toward those of getting our needs met

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Linda Schuyler Ford

Linda’s work in therapeutic recreation with people living with Alzheimer’s disease and with their caregivers has led her to focus on the healing aspects of Story in recent years. This teleconference includes conversations about Story for the domains of Professionals, Family Members and Persons Living with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Dementia. www.SchuylerFord.com Recorded December 8,

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Carol Freya Soth

The Path of the Hero, Navigating Life’s Journey through Story, Art and the Hero’s Journey: A Program for Incarcerated and At-risk Youth In this presentation Carol will described the Brave Life Initiative program, and shared her experiences and stories over the last five years, using storytelling and art layered onto the hero’s journey with incarcerated young

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Cindy Rivka Marshall

  Learning to Care and Listen. Hear about how a story-based approach has informed the creation of a “Caring Corps” and Cindy’s work with 4th graders and their parents at a Boston area synagogue and school. Cindy teaches children skills in listening, interviewing and reflection while they learn about offering support through life cycle events

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Regi Carpenter

Living Out Loud. The exploration and expression of the self can be fraught with fear and anxiety. We are so often concerned with how our stories will be met by the world that we silent our voices. This teleconference discusses the things we fear: ridicule, judgment, failing, being vulnerable, feeling incompetent, being misunderstood and being

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Healing Story Pre-Conference Preview 2016

Michael McCarty, Susan O’Halloran, Lilli Pang, Emily Lansana, Lani Peterson This teleconference gives you a sneak preview into some of the Healing Story gems that will unfold at the NSN Conference in Kansas City the third week in July. The focus of both HSA’s Wednesday night Concert and Thursday morning Pre-Conference is Social justice. Whether

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