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Jenni Cargill-Strong

From Stories of Place to Rewilding our Consciousness The Conversation Continues! Jenni will begin with a guided nature visualization and then outline some of the key concepts she teaches in her environmental storytelling workshops. She will tell a Buddhist prophecy ‘The Shambhala Warriors’, which Jenni has come to see as a potent and apt tale …

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Sherry Norfolk and Lyn Ford

Boo-Tickle Tales: Stories that Teach Kids Resilience Sherry Norfolk and Lyn Ford October  18, 2017 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Receive an email reminder Audio Preview Not-so-scary stories for young children can serve a deeper purpose of immunizing children from fear, encouraging creative problem solving, offering coping mechanisms and building resilience, while being fun to tell and fun …

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E Pakeha!

By Gaye Sutton ©1998. Moana Huaana was gorgeous, and when we were in Year Eight, at the old Porirua School on the edge of the mudflats where the City now stands, gorgeous was beginning to matter in a new way. Moana had a dark cloud of wavy hair, flashing eyes, and skin like Manuka honey. …

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