Marketing Ideas for Producers

Below are articles written by members of the storytelling community. For recently published articles about storytelling festivals, see Storytelling – It’s News!

Postcard Marketing
By Stephen Hollen

A lot can be said on a two sided postcard. I use postcards in place of brochures much of the time. Brochures in smaller quantities run about $1.00 on vistaprint. Postcards about 7 cents. This is a no brainer.

Business Card Marketing
By Stephen Hollen

If you are a performer, speaker, storyteller, musician, business owner or earn money by providing services or goods – you need a business card. That is the best marketing advice you will ever read.

Social Media Case Study
By Ellouise Schoettler

Ellouise explains why she is convinced that using Social Media is a KEY part of the marketing for events.

Fringe Wind-up: Lessons Learned
By Ellouise Schoettler

An experienced fringe performer, Ellouise lists lessons she learned when performing one show five times at The 2010 Capital Fringe, Washington, D.C.

Thanking New Listeners

by Ellen H. Munds, Member, Producers & Organizers SIG

In order to encourage new listeners to come back to our next storytelling event, I send them a letter, thanking them for coming and telling them about our next event. Below is a copy of such a letter.



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