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Workshops From Connected 2020

Pre-Conference: Storytelling in Organizations (SIO) Workshop

Russians are the kind of people that are grumpy and closed up at first but after knowing you for some time they are your friends for life. This magic connection comes from our language, particularly the word “Why”. In the workshop you will discover a new way to a deep connection with others by discovering […]

Pre-Conference: Healing Story Alliance Workshop

Hosted by Lani Peterson, Wally Scott, Heather Forest, and Cheryl Cofield, with Libby Tipton. HSA explores and promotes the use of storytelling in healing. We share experiences and skills to increase our own knowledge of stories and how best to use them to inform, nurture, inspire and heal, both organizations and individuals. We strive to […]

Pre-Conference: Youth, Educators and Storytellers Alliance Workshop

Personal Storytelling with College Students in Theory and Practice with Dr. Charles Parrott and the Kennesaw State University Tellers. Join Dr. Charles Parrott and the KSU Tellers for an afternoon of stories and exercises focused on personal narrative storytelling. The KSU Tellers, a student storytelling ensemble housed in the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies […]

Pre-Conference: Healing Story Alliance Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 16+ In reflecting on the role of Stories to Heal during the pandemic HSA members discerned a need for a virtual place to gather and regularly share stories and feelings. A thread wound through our planning that of serving others and sharing empathy. Our title is drawn from that thread and experience. […]

Opening Welcome & Keynote Addresses

Event for Ages 16+ Greetings from NSN and Storytellers around the world! Beyond Borders with Ekansh Tambe High School student Ekansh Tambe has visited six world borders, taking photographs and telling stories. In this brief talk, he will guide us through his experiences and what he has learned.Ekansh loves traveling, having visited six world borders […]

Lunch Q&A with Ekansh Tambe

After the keynotes, join Ekansh in this small-group Question and Answer session where we can learn even more about Ekansh and his journey.

One World of Stories – Celebrating Diversity and Commonality Through Folktales

This storytelling workshop for beginning and burgeoning storytellers offers practical insights into researching and performing multicultural folktales. Participants will explore how to shape and share folktale repertoire that respectfully reflects both the uniqueness of cultural heritage and the universality of human experience. Heather Forest is a modern-day bard. Her multicultural folktale books and musical storytelling […]

Lunch Q&A with Elizabeth Ellis

Join Elizabeth Ellis in this small-group Question and Answer session.

Welcoming the Other

This workshop manifests the theme of “engagement through empathy.” It starts with a highly interactive exercise designed to evoke a strong, empathetic response to being “outside” – invoking motivation to action. It then provides storytellers with the specific tools and techniques they require to adapt this method to their own issues and communities. Dialogue and […]

Social Justice Stories: Edutainment at its Best Panel Discussion

You have something to say in a story, but how do you say it without sounding too pushy, opinionated, or downright boring? Noa Baum, Nancy Donoval, Charlotte Blake Alston, and Judith Black join Sue O’Halloran for a panel discussion exploring the craft of social justice stories. How do you combine education and entertainment into social […]

Stories for Social Change: Mobilizing Narratives to Cultivate Agency & Social Entrepreneurship in Global Development

This session explores how storytelling can cultivate agency, inspire entrepreneurship, and improve development outcomes. Based on workshops with youth in the Amazon, this workshop equips participants with how to facilitate and sustain storytelling workshops in a community, and steps required to mobilize these stories to encourage empathy and reduce disconnect between programs and people’s needs. […]

Lady Producers Unite! Producers From All Around the Country Discuss Their Process and Product Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with Jill Howe and other female and female-identifying producers from around the US. Do you want to produce a quality storytelling event? Have you been producing and pulling your hair out? Do you wish we could all work together? Female and female-identifying producers from around the country will share their experiences. We’ll talk […]

Oral History in Action: Integrating Storytelling for Community Engagement

What does it mean to produce storytelling shows to preserve important community histories, such as war, genocide, and deportation? What does it mean to do community-based storytelling? How do we involve community members in storytelling for healing and critical engagement? I will use my experiences in producing Talk Stories and Speaking Truths Series to reflect […]

Podcasting For Storytellers/Storytelling For Podcast

During this workshop participants will learn how to utilize podcasting to magnify their storytelling audience. Participants will receive lectures and review examples of various styles, formats, shows and genres to consider, along with best practices and tips for successfully selecting and pitching stories Ray’s stories have appeared in Reader’s Digest’s 2016 Best Stories in America […]

Evolution of Our Craft: The Processes of Mastery in an Age of Technology

The workshop “Evolution of Our Craft: The Processes of Mastery in an Age of Technology” will offer participants a “Big Picture” analysis of the contemporary craft of storytelling and its’ role in constructing our communities, enriching our educational infrastructures and harnessing the power technology “in service” to our craft. Baba the Storyteller is an author, […]

Race, Class, Ambiguity: Defining Your Voice in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Race, Class, Ambiguity: People of Color in the LGBTQIA+ Community with Chetter Galloway, Les Kurkendaal-Barrett, Rico Rodriguez, Camilla Brewer, Taria Person The focus of the panel discussion will be to explore the intersectionality of being both a person of color and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in addition to creating safe spaces for individuals […]

Crafting Your Personal Legacy: The “Why I’m a Storyteller” Story

What do ancestors and altars have to do with our personal legacy? And what is the story you’ll leave behind for the next generation? In this workshop, walk away with clarity on your “story medicine” through a 3-5 minute personal story you can utilize repeatedly to communicate what it is you do, and to spark […]

Save Your Space: Virtual Events Keep Storytelling Alive

Virtual Events save your space – the night your show happens, the weekend of your festival – and keep your brand alive. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from 3 storytellers/show producers who’ve been hosting online storytelling events since March. They’ll share expertise and give tips on how to ensure your online events not only […]

Moving Stories: Body, Voice and More

Our voices tell stories, our bodies tell stories, so why not explore it all? This workshop explores the creativity between words and action, from page to stage, the creation of stories for performance storytelling. Whether a seasoned performer or just getting started, Eth-Noh-Tec will introduce the storytellers into a playful performance tool chest with creative […]

Self-Care for Storytellers Discussion Panel

With Laura Packer, Donna Washington, Ted Parkhurst, Kristin Pedemonti & Allison Broeren The work of storytellers is always vital, especially in times of turmoil. We are keepers of culture and bearers of hope. Many storytellers tend to prioritize the work before their health, but before we can perform, teach, heal, and serve at our best, […]

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