January 2022 – Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy

January Story Lab: ” Case Study: Strengthening Corporate Culture through Stories ” with Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy Values are deeply rooted in the stories that are cherished and ignored, told and silenced in a group of people. For steady and long-term growth, it is essential to be clear about values, especially when the company is …

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Story Kin and Cousin Convo #6

Go Forth with Openness: New Dimensions of Storytelling in the Digital World Welcome to our sixth Story Kin and Cousin Conversation. We continue the vision of the Story NOW! interviews by exploring the power of storytelling to transcend divisions and create change. We interview an oral storyteller and a cousin storyteller from a kindred art …

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December 2021 – Annual Story Swap: “Paradox”

December Story Lab: Annual Story Swap: “Paradox” This year SIO Members came together to share warm stories about people showing empathy and connection despite still experiencing required physical distancing. Paradox, also puzzle, anomaly, riddle:noun a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality, expresses a possible truth. a self-contradictory and false proposition. …

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Video Submissions

The world of storytelling wouldn’t be what it is without its talented performers and passionate artists. National Storytelling Network is putting together a short video that encapsulates the energy of the art form in all its wonder. We hope this video will build intrigue for those not currently engaging through storytelling and instill additional excitement …

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November 2021 – Maureen Howard

November Story Lab: Notes from a Reluctant Community COVID Expert Maureen Howard COVID lays bare our fears and our privilege. It calls out the inequities and injustices of our healthcare system. It lives in our day-to-day interactions in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our public transit, our friends, our family. Its path follows science. Its global …

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Earth Up: Call for Workshops, Panels, and Master Classes

Do you have experience developing storytelling skills to convey a connection to the natural world? Do you have a unique way of evaluating what’s at stake for all as the climate changes? Are you ready to share your process, techniques, and lessons learned with others? Share your expertise with the storytelling world in a Workshop, Panel Discussion, or Master Class.

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