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Mr. Rogers Story Project

Volunteer Opportunity! Do you have a personal story about Mister Rogers you’d like to share with a Grammy award-winning producer? NSN was contacted by Dennis Scott of Dennis Scott Productions in Franklin, TN, just outside Nashville, asking for stories for his Mister Rogers’ Project. Here’s what he wrote… Hi Storytellers, By way of introduction, I…

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Amplifying voices: The SEAD Project uses storytelling to capture history

MINNPost  February 21, 2019 In Southeast Asian Americans’ schools, the stories they heard from their parents and grandparents growing up were almost never noted in their history textbooks. The experiences of Southeast Asian communities are often forgotten,  particularly the history of the Vietnam War. “It seemed like, growing up, all of these stories that I heard…

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The Story of Storytelling

Harper’s Magazine   February 25, 2019 Anthropologist Jamie Tehrani wondered whether he could sort out the genealogy of all the “Little Red Riding Hood” variants—Aarne–Thompson–Uther type 333—with something similar to modern phylogenetics, the DNA-informed statistical method biologists use to construct evolutionary trees of living things. Replacing genes with essential narrative elements, such as type of protagonist…

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Kevin Cordi

The Value of Breathing: How little we do and how important it is

By Kevin Cordi The Value of Breathing: How little we do and how important it is After returning from Japan in 2001 I examined life through a calmer window. It was there people were rushing to meet taxis, running to their jobs, and hurrying to meet life’s demands. However, although they were rushing, there was…

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