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Holmes Pupils Find Home in ‘Name and Place’

Wednesday Journal (Oak Park, IL), May 10, 2005 Summary: The issues of “name” and “place” help young students and their parents better understand traditions, histories and cultures that make up their backgrounds and their communities. It helps them appreciate difference and similarities in people. It also helps them understand and appreciate maternal and paternal heritages;…

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How an Astonishing Holocaust Diary Resurfaced in America

Smithsonian Magazine    November 2018 A Polish young woman, Renia Spiegel started her diary on Jan. 31, 1939 when she was 18 years old: “… Today, my dear diary, is the beginning of our deep friendship.” Left to right: Renia in Przemysl, 1930; Renia in 1936; Renia with her best friend, Nora, in Przemysl in…

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How blowing into a straw can save your voice

Vox  June 20, 2015 Diana Orbelo, a speech-language pathologist at the Mayo Clinic who helps people with voice problems, offers much advice for those with problem voices and for those who are over-using their voices. Other experts offer videos which demonstrate exercises all storytellers can benefit from — exercises which “rebalance and recoordinate the vocal mechanism”…

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