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Story Time

The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY), November 14, 2009 Summary: Tripping down memory lane is a healthy and necessary task of growing older—even if only practiced privately, or in the company of an agreeable friend or spouse. The urge to sum up is “part of normal aging,” wrote Gene D. Cohen, a psychiatrist and…

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Story Sundays: A Storytelling Dinner Series for Adults

PRO SIG Preconference, NSN 2013 Conference, Richmond, VA July 2013              by Kate Dudding   Summary Description of the process and success in creating a venue for storytelling to adults; expanding listener base; and sharing lessons learned during fourteen seasons of a dinner storytelling series: “Story Sundays at the Glen Sanders…

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Story Summit: A Night of Gainesville’s Best Storytelling

Gainesville Scene,     June 4, 2018 Summary There are three storytelling organizations in Gainesville which produce monthly personal storytelling events: Self Narrate, the Conch and Guts & Glory While people often assume these groups are in competition with each other, Self Narrate’s director Brandon Telg said: “We all want to see each other succeed, and we all believe in what each…

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