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Storytelling Project Aims to Help New York City High School Students Deal With Racial Issues

AScribe – The Public Interest News Wire (Oakland, CA), May 5, 2005 Summary: An innovative program to help high school students understand and deal effectively with racial issues through stories and storytelling, has received a second grant of $100,000 in support from the Third Millennium Foundation. The Storytelling Project, developed by Barnard College Professor Lee…

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Storytelling on the SS Great Britain

Bristol Post (Bristol, UK), October 24, 2013 Summary: Visitors can enjoy tall tales of salty sailors at the SS Great Britain’s Crew Capers Family Storytelling event. Inspired by true events, the ship’s resident storyteller, Sarah Mooney, will bring the sailors’ stories to life with her gruesome embellishments and fabulous flourishes on October 29 and 31.…

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Storytelling in data science

BusinessWorld  July 3, 2019 With the unprecedented increase in the amount of data that businesses create, the potential value from data also increases. However, we can only realize the value of data when the insights we derive move people into action. The question is: How exactly can we do that? To move people into action,…

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