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This Is Your Brain On Communication

This Is Your Brain On Communication TED Conferences (New York, NY), February, 2016 Summary: During an official TED conference, neuroscientist Uri Hasson, Princeton University, researches the basis of human communication, and experiments from his lab reveal that even across different languages, our brains show similar activity, or become “aligned,” when we hear the same idea…

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Arizona High School Students Forge Special Bonds With Seniors Through Storytelling

KJZZ.ORG (Tempe, AZ), December 22, 2015 Summary: As Christmas approaches many Valley seniors find themselves alone and detached, but at one local high school students are pairing up with seniors to tell their stories and link the generations in a unique learning experience. A group of 15 students were paired with senior companions as part…

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Why Data Storytelling Is So Important

Why Data Storytelling Is So Important The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY), October 9, 2015 Summary: Tom Davenport, the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, a Fellow of the MIT Center for Digital Business and independent senior advisor to Deloitte Analytics, discusses why storytelling with data is critical to…

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