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Program of teens’ stories focus of new book

Times Union, Albany, NY   May 24, 2019 Since 2006, Children at the Well (C@W ) has brought teens from the Capital Region of New York State together to share their stories. Now the group has published a book so other educators and organizations can incorporate storytelling into their worlds using the C@W method. “Our…

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Preparing Students for the Next America

Arts Education Partnership (Washington, D.C.), April 2013 Summary: This is a .pdf research bulletin from the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) which can be downloaded for free from this web site. Every young person in America deserves a complete and competitive education that includes the arts. America’s global stature, culture of innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit depend…

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Kevin Cordi

Pleasant Journeys: Tales and Travel of who Lives Story

By Kevin Cordi Pleasant Journeys: Tales and Travel of who Lives Story October 24, 2019 It was 1992, I was honored to teach storytelling full time in California, according to NSN serving as “the first full-time high school storytelling teacher in the country.” However, at the time, even now, little curriculum was available on teaching…

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Penn Medicine students to participate in first-ever citywide medical story slam

Penn Today      May 7, 2018 Summary Seven medical school in Philadelphia are participating in a story slam in an effort to create open dialogue among doctors, nurses, and medical students who often struggle to express their feelings. “In the medical literature these days, there’s a lot about physicians and med students being burned out,…

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Pen in Hand: Storytelling with Luther Girado: the last male fluent speaker shares his language

Tehachapi News      May 6, 2018 Summary There are only two fluent Nuwä (Kawaiisu or Paiute)  speakers left on Earth:  Luther Girado and his sister Lucille Girado Hicks.  the Girados are the last people who will ever be raised in an Indian household were Nuwä is the only language spoken. They grew up in Walker Basin…

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