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American Library Association The American Library Association home page contains a wide range of links to other libraries, extensive book lists, and more. Internet Public Library The Internet Public Library home page contains an abundance of resources including links to other libraries and sites, online texts, and areas for children. Media Center Internet…

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Living Books Tell Their Stories On Saturday at Fayetteville Public Library

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette  September 7, 2018 18 local residents will be part of the first Human Library event in Northwest Arkansas, based on programs run twenty years ago in Denmark. Organizer Katherine Ganoung says that the Human Library is a chance to bring “storytelling power back to those who lived out their story every day…

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London Fringe: Talented tale tellers share their prowess at three-day event

The London Free Press (London, UK), November 3, 2016 Summary: The London Fringe’s Story Telling Festival debuts this Thursday through Saturday and includes: Author/filmmaker/recording artist Ivan Coyote Traditional storytellers Diane Halpin and Ellen Secci An Indigenous Walk in downtown London led by Jaime Koebel a free Children’s Storytelling Mob London Fringe producer Kathy Navackas said…

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