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United’s newest crew member: Chief storyteller

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), October 25, 2016 Summary: As part of CEO Oscar Munoz’s revamping of United Airlines, a new position has been created and filled: Chief Storyteller Dana Brooks Reinglass. Jim Olsen, United’s senior vice president of corporate communications, explained: “The idea is using stories to give employees and customers a window seat to how we’re doing…

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London Fringe: Talented tale tellers share their prowess at three-day event

The London Free Press (London, UK), November 3, 2016 Summary: The London Fringe’s Story Telling Festival debuts this Thursday through Saturday and includes: Author/filmmaker/recording artist Ivan Coyote Traditional storytellers Diane Halpin and Ellen Secci An Indigenous Walk in downtown London led by Jaime Koebel a free Children’s Storytelling Mob London Fringe producer Kathy Navackas said…

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Storytelling Is Integral to Who We Are

U.S. News, October 2, 2017   Summary: Steven Schlozman, M.D., an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the associate director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, believes that passing storytelling on to children is critical to their well-being. He…

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