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A Different Kind of (Business) Storytelling

A Different Kind of (Business) Storytelling Savannah Now (Savannah, GA), February 19, 2013 Summary: Storytelling is a wonderful part of our city. From unique storytelling events, like this past weekend’s book festival that hosted renowned authors reading their own works, to the almost common sound of a period actor waxing to tourists in a downtown…

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3 Core Tenets Of Leadership Storytelling

Forbes, May 29,2017 Summary It is important for individuals and organizations to synchronize these three key elements–internally and externally: what they say, what they do, and what is truly in their hearts. Esther Choy says, “I believe ‘heart’ is an expression of the leaders’ deepest motivation–the core that’s driving everything else. It flows from the company’s mission and vision…

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11 Ways Remarkable Storytellers Create New Worlds

11 Ways Remarkable Storytellers Create New Worlds Time Magazine (New York, NY), June 10, 2015 Summary: The better at storytelling someone is, the more that readers and listeners are transported to a whole new world. According to studies conducted on this transportation phenomenon, great stories alter beliefs, result in the loss of access to real-world…

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