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Once Upon a Time

By William Noonan Ph.D. Once upon a time, an evil sorcerer stole a magic crystal orb, a troll-like imp turned himself into a poisonous fruit tree, and a giant abducted a princess and hid her in his Castle of No Return. These are images from folk tales that you would expect to find in Grimm’s…

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Giant Pain

By Allison Cox © 2001. Each month I tell stories to the teens in the Remann Hall Juvenile Detention Center as part of my health education work for the local Health Department where I am employed. Our goal is to prevent of violence and substance abuse. We have found that stories offer these youth a…

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Opening Up To Story

By Deborah Freedman. Images are powerful medicine. There are internal images that develop out of thought, experience and imagination, and grow into stories of information, narrative and fairytale, touching the mind, the heart and the soul. There are two words that seem appropriate to our awakening as listeners – integration and transformation. The format I…

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