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Teacher of Year uses storytelling to educate students

The Oklahoman (, December 17, 2017 By Mary Mélon | The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools Summary: Every student deserves to feel like a hero. That was the message for 177 graduating teachers at the University of Central Oklahoma, along with various education and community leaders at last week’s annual luncheon, Honoring a Noble…

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United’s newest crew member: Chief storyteller

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), October 25, 2016 Summary: As part of CEO Oscar Munoz’s revamping of United Airlines, a new position has been created and filled: Chief Storyteller Dana Brooks Reinglass. Jim Olsen, United’s senior vice president of corporate communications, explained: “The idea is using stories to give employees and customers a window seat to how we’re doing…

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London Fringe: Talented tale tellers share their prowess at three-day event

The London Free Press (London, UK), November 3, 2016 Summary: The London Fringe’s Story Telling Festival debuts this Thursday through Saturday and includes: Author/filmmaker/recording artist Ivan Coyote Traditional storytellers Diane Halpin and Ellen Secci An Indigenous Walk in downtown London led by Jaime Koebel a free Children’s Storytelling Mob London Fringe producer Kathy Navackas said…

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