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Storytelling Project Aims to Help New York City High School Students Deal With Racial Issues

AScribe – The Public Interest News Wire (Oakland, CA), May 5, 2005 Summary: An innovative program to help high school students understand and deal effectively with racial issues through stories and storytelling, has received a second grant of $100,000 in support from the Third Millennium Foundation. The Storytelling Project, developed by Barnard College Professor Lee…

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Storytelling Residencies Enhance Literacy

Storytelling Residencies Enhance Literacy Connecticut non-profit places storytellers in schools to offer interactive instruction methods that are increasingly critical for today’s young learners. By Ann Shapiro and Susie Scheyder Educators are often frustrated with the unhealthy focus on screens that constantly demand our students’ attention, while arguably shrinking their ability to pay it meaningfully elsewhere.…

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Storytelling Your Way to a Better Job or a Stronger Start-Up

Storytelling Your Way to a Better Job or a Stronger Start-Up New York Times Magazine (New York, NY), December 12, 2014 Summary: The age-old art of storytelling — something humans have done since they could first communicate – has become this year’s buzzword. In these days, you need to be compelling, unforgettable, funny and smart.…

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