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WOW Weekend (Working on Our Work Storytelling Weekend)

Producer: Scheherazade’s Legacy, the partnership of Cynthia Changaris ( and Mary Hamilton ( Purpose: To provide an opportunity for storytellers of all experience levels to gather as peers and work on their storytelling art. While most participants choose to work on the development of specific stories, participants have also worked on workshop revisions, promotional pieces,…

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Things to Note in Discussing a First Time Storytelling Event within a Park System

Producer: Bev Twillmann (, (This is once the site has been selected and permission gotten from presenting agency) Decide immediately if this is a free and open to the public event (preferred). State the goal of the event.  Just why do you want to have it and who is it going to benefit? If…

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I Want To Have a Storytelling Event Within a Park System – Now What?

Producer: Bev Twillmann (, Finding the Correct Site Convincing the Park (Whether National, State or Local) WHO to contact Examine your desire closely as to why you want to begin an event.  Try and connect with a reason for the Park (you are thinking about as a site) to have this event. Example: Haunting…

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