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Turning a Town onto Storytelling: the Story of the First Annual St. Marys Storytelling Festival

From the sound of Mark Fletcher’s bagpipes, leading the children to the festival grounds on a misty Friday morning, to the last shivery ghost tale told by Mary-Eileen McClear on Saturday night, the first annual St. Marys Storytelling Festival carried an aura of magic.  The magic had begun with an idea in the spring of…

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Small Talk

By Ellen H. Munds Member, Producers & Organizers SIG ( Originally published in Storytelling Magazine, November/December 2006 At the 2006 business meeting of the Producer’s & Organizer’s SIG during the National Storytelling Conference in Pittsburgh, we decided to use this column as a means to share some successful programs. Here in Indianapolis, Storytelling Arts of…

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Collaborations with Theatres

March 2007             by Kate Dudding   At the 2006 Sharing the Fire, the storytelling conference presented by the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling, Jo Radner gave an excellent keynote challenging us to come up with ways to raise storytelling to the same level as music and theatre. Her keynote got me thinking. …

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