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The Psychological Power of Storytelling

The Psychological Power of Storytelling Psychology Today (New York, NY), January 16, 2011 Summary: Stories are authentic human experiences. Stories leap frog the technology and bring us to the core of experience, as any good storyteller (transmedia or otherwise) knows. Our brains still respond to content by looking for the story to make sense out…

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The resurgence of the storyteller

The resurgence of the storyteller The Hindu Business Line (Chennai, India), March 12, 2015 Summary: It’s beyond doubt that storytelling has immense power as a tool to make people believe in an idea. For different kinds of professionals (educators, human resource managers, marketers, etc.) different reasons are fuelling the storyteller phenomenon. Specifically, in the case…

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The Role of the Artist in the Age of Trump

The Atlantic   December 2019 by Lin-Manuel Miranda “ll art is political. In tense, fractious times—like our current moment—all art is political. But even during those times when politics and the future of our country itself are not the source of constant worry and anxiety, art is still political. Art lives in the world, and we…

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