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Children can go on space adventure in science and storytelling

Lancashire Post   February 25, 2019 A spokesman for the We Share the Same Moon event said: “Join Storyteller Cassandra Wye and Astronomer Megan Argo on an amazing science and storytelling adventure – to the Moon and back. “It celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing through Science and Story. “The event will start with…

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Indiana University biologist uses his own artwork in storytelling approach to microbiology class

News at IU Bloomington      April 9, 2019 Taking advantage of his passion for art, Indiana University biologist Jake McKinlay is taking a creative approach to his advanced undergraduate course on microbial physiology and biochemistry this semester. “Humans are really wired to learn by storytelling,” McKinlay said. “Other people have done research on this, so I…

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At Gilead Church in Chicago, storytelling is central to worship

The Christian Century  April 9, 2019 Rebecca Anderson, a Disciples of Christ pastor, got an idea after attending a packing Moth event: ‘Do we not have a true story to tell in community?’” The former stand-up comic did her booming preacher impression when describing that epiphany. The insight eventually led to Anderson joining with her…

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