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Story Time

The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY), November 14, 2009 Summary: Tripping down memory lane is a healthy and necessary task of growing older—even if only practiced privately, or in the company of an agreeable friend or spouse. The urge to sum up is “part of normal aging,” wrote Gene D. Cohen, a psychiatrist and…

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Project Tells the Digital Story of Latino Culture

Spartan Daily (San Jose State Universtiy, CA), September 9, 2009 Summary: Students and members of the community gathered Wednesday night on campus to watch personal stories of triumph as part of the Latino Digital Storytelling Project. One of the stories was that of Maria Perez, an ex-first generation gang member. Her story described life growing…

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Cherokee Storyteller Shares Culture, Faith

Victoria Advocate (Victoria, Texas) , August 14, 2009 Summary: Kathy Lynn Copeland’s ancestors were Cherokee royalty, and her culture and her faith are something she has made it her life to share. “I feel like all my life it’s led up to this,” she said. “To many people you have two sides. It’s part of who you…

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