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Saving Tay Nguyen Epics

Viet Nam News (Hanoi, Vietnam), January 15, 2006 Summary: The people of Tay Nguyen have been reciting epic narratives for generations, but as oral storytelling starts to die out with the village elders, this ancient tradition is slowly starting to dissappear. A VND17 billion (US$1 million) State-funded project is being undertaken by the Folklore Study…

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Stories Give Crowd a Lift

Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN), December 4, 2005 Summary: “Storytelling enlightens our community and makes people aware of our history,” said Deborah Asante, director of the Asante Children’s Theatre and host of Saturday’s 4th annual Haughville Story Fest. Saturday’s storytelling attracted about 100 people and featured three components: a speech from the Rev. Douglas Tate Sr.…

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Never Stop Learning

The Battalion – Texas A&M (College Station, TX), June 20, 2005 Summary: Children should be encouraged to accept all aspects of different cultures, and teachers should strive to eliminate bias in education, said reggae musician Alafia Gaidi and Texas A&M history professor Ernest Obadele-Starks. Gaidi and Starks gave presentations Thursday as part of The George…

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