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Children can go on space adventure in science and storytelling

Lancashire Post   February 25, 2019 A spokesman for the We Share the Same Moon event said: “Join Storyteller Cassandra Wye and Astronomer Megan Argo on an amazing science and storytelling adventure – to the Moon and back. “It celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing through Science and Story. “The event will start with…

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Program of teens’ stories focus of new book

Times Union, Albany, NY   May 24, 2019 Since 2006, Children at the Well (C@W ) has brought teens from the Capital Region of New York State together to share their stories. Now the group has published a book so other educators and organizations can incorporate storytelling into their worlds using the C@W method. “Our…

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The Power of Sharing Stories

Uplift  March 21st, 2019 This article sites many ways in which storytelling can improve your mental health: Storytelling and our sense of self Telling happy stories improves your well being Creating stories and then acting them out helps children understand themselves storytelling is at the heart of health care examples of the healing power or…

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