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Timeless Tales

The Hindu (Chennai, India), February 14, 2013 Summary: Storytellers, professionals and performing artistes gathered at a village near Thanjavur to listen to traditional tales as part of the Chennai Storytelling Festival. There is no dearth of traditional stories in our country. But with the electronic media overtaking our lives and changing societal mores, the oral…

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Tips for Lawyers on Persuading Through Storytelling

Tips for Lawyers on Persuading Through Storytelling (New York, NY), July 10, 2012 Summary: Most lawyers could do with an intensive remedial course in “Once upon a time.” The longer they have practiced law, the more they probably need it. A lawyer’s job is to persuade, which is not possible without some type of…

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To Absent Friends, a people’s festival of storytelling and remembrance

Bereavement Care Journal, Volume 36, 2017 – Issue 3,   November 2, 2017 Summary: To Absent Friends (TAF) is an annual Scotland-wide participative festival of storytelling and remembrance. Its purpose is to reduce the social isolation of bereaved people, At TAF, people can remember,  tell stories,  celebrate and  reminisce about people they love who have died. TAF may be…

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