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‘Born This Way’ storytelling event in northern India

Bhopal, Utter Pradesh, Northern India,     July 9, 2018 Summary Bhopal Pride at Baithak – The Art House created a safe space for people to express themselves re. their sex, gender sexuality and the difference between them. A participant Chandni said, “Defining humans is the worst thing we can do. Let’s not look at anyone with the…

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Bookstores & Ordering Sites

Acorn Naturalists The Acorn Naturalists make available environmental and educational literature, including books of interest to storytellers. August House Publishing “…the main publisher of storytelling guides and folk-tale anthologies.” ~Reader’s Digest has books from all over America and Europe in both audio and text form. Children’s Stories and Free Resources…

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Blackfoot Oral Stories Database brought to life by ii’ taa’poh’to’p grant

UToday, University of Calgary   June 24, 2019 In the Blackfoot tradition, stories are shared as a way to document history and to teach important life lessons. Siksika Elder and Horn Society member Natóóhkitopi Fred Breaker tells us, “Our culture is centred around an oral tradition, and our people learn orally, through storytelling. The stories were…

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