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What Producers Need From Storytellers

by Nan Kammann-Judd Member, Producers & Organizers SIG The storytelling community is one of the warmest, most talented, compassionate, and usually very professional groups of people. What separates the “professional” storyteller from other storytellers who are invited to participate in festivals, workshops, performances, and conferences? From the producer’s perspective, here are some suggestions for the…

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Kevin Cordi

When we consider story making, storytelling expands

By Kevin Cordi When we consider story making, storytelling expands. As Storytellers, we need to explore Story Making as much as Storytelling.  Too often we privilege the telling as the most important value.  We spend time working on our performances when we need to look more at how we make the stories we make ready for performance. We…

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Why adults are telling stories on stage

Times of India   October 7, 2018 Written by Ketaki Desai Priti Mutha was already struggling with post-partum depression when her father passed away unexpectedly. Her mind was full of thoughts she wanted to share but she had no one to talk to about. That’s when she came across The Narrative, a live and personal storytelling show based…

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Why Data Storytelling Is So Important

Why Data Storytelling Is So Important The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY), October 9, 2015 Summary: Tom Davenport, the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, a Fellow of the MIT Center for Digital Business and independent senior advisor to Deloitte Analytics, discusses why storytelling with data is critical to…

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