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Cathartic Tales

Malaysia Star (Malaysia), January 24, 2006 Summary: And they lived poor ever after… What a hilarious way to end a story! It made the audience at the storytelling showcase –a culmination of months of hard work during the “Happiness is a Choice Programme” – laugh, then sigh. They had to wonder what sentiments lay beneath…

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Kevin Cordi

Challenges to Those Who Respond with Story – A Call Out to Storytellers

By Kevin Cordi Challenges to Those Who Respond with Story – A Call Out to Storytellers One must continually reflect when they chose to take on the ‘mantle of storyteller’ or decide to use stories in their work and daily life. For over 25 years, I work to honor this mantle. This includes not only…

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Charette Advocate for Many

Billings Gazette (Billings, MT), March 15, 2005 Summary: Any conversation with Reno Charette can quickly turn into a history lesson, and she’s not talking about Christopher Columbus. Though Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s newly appointed Coordinator of American Indian Affairs holds a master’s degree in history, she wants to tell history the way she sees it –…

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Cherokee Storyteller Shares Culture, Faith

Victoria Advocate (Victoria, Texas) , August 14, 2009 Summary: Kathy Lynn Copeland’s ancestors were Cherokee royalty, and her culture and her faith are something she has made it her life to share. “I feel like all my life it’s led up to this,” she said. “To many people you have two sides. It’s part of who you…

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Storytelling program helps teens overcome adversity

Chicago Tribune,   December 24, 2017 Summary: Story Squad, a storytelling program of the YMCA of Metro Chicago’s Youth Safety and Violence Prevention (YSVP) initiative, empowers youth to channel their experiences through personal stories that are shared within their community and throughout the world. After a public showcase with about 100 friends and family members of program…

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