NSN’s Statement on Racism, Discrimination, and Injustice

Storytelling has the power to promote and inspire dialogue for healing, to model courage and compassion, to caution and to build shared experience. NSN believes storytelling is made stronger by the inclusion of many voices and perspectives. We embrace the diversity in the storytelling community and stand with those demanding meaningful and sustainable change to …

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Sixty Second Stories

National Storytelling Network recognizes the power of every story, no matter how short. The mission of Sixty Second Stories is to celebrate the diverse experiences of storytellers in a local, national, and international spotlight by sharing stories from members of our far-reaching community. We invite members, non-members, experienced, and new storytellers to submit a 60-second …

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NSN Recording Policy Agreement

This policy is effective as of April 2021 Summary:  All presenters consent to having their session recorded and give NSN the rights to use/sell/distribute that recording in a digital library/archive for the next one year (from the date it is posted in the digital library), and (optionally) on a podcast. Presenters understand that they will …

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