Jenni Cargill-Strong

From Stories of Place to Rewilding our Consciousness The Conversation Continues! Jenni will begin with a guided nature visualization and then outline some of the key concepts she teaches in her environmental storytelling workshops. She will tell a Buddhist prophecy ‘The Shambhala Warriors’, which Jenni has come to see as a potent and apt tale […]

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The Most Beautiful Bird

RETOLD by LAURA SIMMS. ©Laura Simms 2012 Based on a Pygmy story from South Africa Please ask permission before telling this story. Contact: Long long ago the most beautiful bird in the world lived in a thick forest.   Everyone knew that the beautiful bird brought the rain.  When she spread her wings, rain fell.  

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by Anonymous. There are stories hidden in our daily food. I dedicate this story to all the women in America with cancer in their breasts. I love cows. I love their lovely dangly pink udders and their patient luminous eyes. I love their milk and drank it every day growing up in the forties, until

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