Jenni Cargill-Strong

From Stories of Place to Rewilding our Consciousness The Conversation Continues! Jenni will begin with a guided nature visualization and then outline some of the key concepts she teaches in her environmental storytelling workshops. She will tell a Buddhist prophecy ‘The Shambhala Warriors’, which Jenni has come to see as a potent and apt tale …

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The Sparrow’s Gifts

(HSA) Retold by Kevin Strauss, M.S. Ed.

Once, in old Japan, an old woman was gathering firewood in the forest when she saw a sparrow hopping around on the ground. It was almost as if the sparrow couldn’t fly. The woman put down her firewood and slowly walked up to the bird.

“Don’t worry, little friend,”…

The Most Beautiful Bird

RETOLD by LAURA SIMMS. ©Laura Simms 2012 Based on a Pygmy story from South Africa Please ask permission before telling this story. Contact: Long long ago the most beautiful bird in the world lived in a thick forest.   Everyone knew that the beautiful bird brought the rain.  When she spread her wings, rain fell.   …

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Island Afternoon

By Allison Cox, ©2014. I managed to escape work early enough that afternoon. I remember wanting to escape all the traffic and concrete of the city. I was lucky enough to drive right onto the ferry just before it left for my island. Once home, I lingered on the front deck of my house, soaking …

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by Anonymous. There are stories hidden in our daily food. I dedicate this story to all the women in America with cancer in their breasts. I love cows. I love their lovely dangly pink udders and their patient luminous eyes. I love their milk and drank it every day growing up in the forties, until …

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