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November 2020 – Pete Griffin

November Story Lab – Everyone Loves Smokey Bear Pete Griffin, Author & Storyteller & SIO Board Member In 1984, a study was conducted. Members of the public were given the phrase “Remember, only YOU…” and asked to finish the sentence. An astounding  95 percent were able to correctly add, “…can prevent forest fires.”  The Smokey […]

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October 2020 – Tom Sparough

The Stories in Organization (SIO) SIG gathered on October 22nd, to hear Tom Sparough, SIO Board Member and Co-founder of Space Painter present “Trust and the Dark Shadows That Destroy It.” The session took a deep dive into one of the key components of organizational storytelling. Tom shared one of his ghost stories “The Dust”

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August 2020 – Jay Golden

The Mythic Moment Our August Story Lab guest was Jay Golden, Keynote Speaker, Storytelling Coach & Founder of Retellable “For a story to change the world, it has to change you first.” Jay Golden Time speeds along, perhaps faster than ever before. And yet, there are moments, living moments thatseem to reach across time, coming

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