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Traditional Tales From Scotland

Event for Ages 10+ Scotland has a rich heritage of Folk Tales many of which have come down to us through the Scottish Travelling People who are the custodians of a rich oral tradition. Many of our tellers have learned these stories directly through this tradition and will pass them on “eye to eye, mind […]

Northeast Region Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 16+ Stories Tony Toledo, EmceeTony emceed Speak Up Spoken World Open Mic every Wednesday for seven years in Lynn, Massachusetts. He gave each person who spoke a lucky coin wrapped in a little thank you story. With his storytelling, Tony Toledo bought his massive one tenth of an acre estate in Beverly, […]

International Spotlight: The Owl Prince & Other Folktales From Asia

Event for Ages 16+ Enjoy eight Asian tales of courting, quarrelling, cooking and socially/cosmically distant couples who follow the beat of an Indian drum, as told by Kalah Rajesh, Wong Swee Yean, Simone Sales, Sheila Wee, Jumaini Ariff, Ahn Sook Kim, Roger Jenkins and Karen Lee. We’ve chosen stories that appeal to adults, though if […]

International Spotlight: Folktales of India

India with its numerous states and varied cultures, has folktales beyond imagination Kathai Kalatta promotes and nurtures Indian culture and heritage through stories. We will be presenting Indian folktales to give a glimpse of Mother India. Kathai Kalatta is an initiative to revive the age old Indian tradition of storytelling from homes to the public […]

National Spotlight: Asian American Storytelling Showcase

Event for Ages 10+ Experience the diverse faces and stories of the Asian American diaspora. Our stories will transport you across the continent of Asia and bring you back to America for an intimate view of the Asian experience through folk, personal, and historical tales. Presented by Asian Storytellers in Unity and hosted by Joel […]

South Central Region Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 10+ The storytellers of the South Central Region represent the diversity of their origins and cultures with a range of stories from history to tall tale, from ancient folktale to personal saga. The South Central Region of NSN is comprised of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Lisa Overholser is the […]

A Showcase of Social Justice Stories

Event for Ages 16+ Can stories make a difference in how we see the world and each other? Come hear a sample of social justice stories by eight diverse tellers whose repertoires include stories that artfully raise awareness and motivate action about pressing social issues. Author, Sue O’Halloran, has appeared on PBS and ABC Nightline. […]

International Spotlight: Voices from Latin America

Family Friendly Event Voices of Latin America weaves the stories of popular and ancient tradition of Ecuador, Colombia, México and Peru. Five women of great experience in the storytelling world of their regions, will unite their words to salute Mother Earth from the ancient knowledge of the Andes and Aztec people, give voice to the […]

North Central Region Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 10+Emceed by Megan Wells StoriesMy Michael told by Julie McGheeA family story of my great-grandparents’ coming to America.Julie McGhee is a teller, a writer and collector of tales both old and new for all ages. Tales she tells will come from Ohio, the Midwest and the world especially the Celtic lands. She […]

International Spotlight: Around the World in 90 Minutes

Family Friendly Event Presented by the International Storytelling Network, Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos (RIC), which brings together 1,351 storytellers from 61 countries. Our objectives: connect storytellers from all cultures, revitalize libraries and schools, encourage reading, disseminate traditional and contemporary literature, and promote storytelling through articles and publications. Presenters: Stories The Stair told by Beatriz MonteroA […]

Spotlight Performance: Music in Storytelling Showcase

Event for Ages 10+Hosted by Sam Payne & Bill Harley Stories When I Was One and Twenty told by Sam Payne Sam Payne is the Weber State University Storytelling Fellow, and hosts The Apple Seed, a daily storytelling show on BYU Radio. He has an award-winning catalog of recordings, and performs on national and international […]

Pacific Region Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 16+ Stories Hanasaka Jiisan (Cherry Blossom Man) told by Tobey Ishii-AndersonA Japanese Folktale“Be careful of what you say. That one has big ears!” My aunties would say. I was an avid listener to stories about life in internment camps during WWII. Grandmother would start the stories with “Mukashi mukashi…Once upon a time.” […]

International Spotlight: Tales From Indonesia

Folktales from different island of Indonesia; Aceh and Padang from Sumatera Island, Java and Bali. Enjoy the stories, we will take you there. Ayo Dongeng Indonesia is an organization that initiate the annual “Indonesia International Storytelling Festival” since 2013. It’s also have a voluntary based community, with more than 150 storyteller, writer, and support volunteer. […]

Mid-Atlantic Region Spotlight Performance

Adults Only Event The Mid-Atlantic Region of The National Storytelling Network brings together storytellers from varying styles and applications in the states of VA, PA, MD, WV, Metro DC, and Metro NYC. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spotlight will feature some of the hottest storytelling talent in a region bustling with storytelling events, shows and talent. The […]

International Spotlight: Australian Storyteller – Voices From Down Under

Event for Ages 16+ Stories of wisdom, mystery, intrigue, danger, comfort, challenge and caution.The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development of and advocacy for oral storytelling, literature appreciation and creative expression through story creation and performance. Presented by the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Stories Cracked Pot told by Jackie […]

Story Art Showcase: The Dynamic Body Storytelling Showcase

Event for Ages 10+ This is a 90 minute olio storytelling performance with tellers from the US and beyond, whose physical eloquence is often the central part of their telling. Stories The Lion Who Wants To Be King told by Antonio RochaThe young lion thought that he could treat animals anyway he wanted, only to […]

International Spotlight: Mzansi and her Friends, Stories from South Africa

Family Friendly Event What happens in a world of no stories when friendships break and mistakes are irreversible? What happens when those around you really turn out to hurt you the most? By their coming together, which is a sign of continued friendship, this collection of South African storytellers will take turns sharing tales about […]

Western Region Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 10+ Hosted by Regional Director Sarah Juba Addison, Emceed by Sarah Malone Stories The Singing Sack told by Liz MangualA determined and clever mother saves her daughter from a dim witted and greedy ogre.Liz’s signature style of bilingual participatory storytelling is animated with foolish children, talking hummingbirds, not-so-smart ogres, and wise old […]

International Spotlight: Hot Tales from Boccaccio’s Decameron

Adults Only Event Five stories from Decameron delivered with modern language and spiced with medioeval ballads and music. Sexy, funny and highly entertaining! An icon of Italian culture, humor, glamour and style, the performance delivers to the audience an unmatchable moment of pleasure and laughter. Paola and Davide unique style of tandem telling embodies all […]

International Spotlight: SEODA! Treasures from Ireland

Event for Ages 10+ SEODA – Is an Irish word for Treasures. Niall de Búrca hosts a celebration of performers each of whom has made a unique contribution to Irish traditional storytelling. Nuala Hayes, Colm Sands, Liz Weir and Eddie Lenihan have spent decades immersed in the art form. Their dedication and encouragement of new […]

Southeast Region Spotlight Performance

Event for Ages 16+ Stories Linda Schuyler Ford – Florida“Orange Blossoms”Linda grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley, wandering the very hills that inspired author Washington Irving, and hearing the folktales told by her Dutch and German ancestors. It’s no wonder she became a storyteller! Linda loves performing Hudson Valley folk and fairy tales, women’s […]

Story Slam | Theme: Masked

Event for Ages 16+ | Theme: MaskedHosted by Jamie Brickhouse Watch storytellers from all over the world put their winning stories to the test at the first-ever virtual NSN Story Slam. True, 5-minute personal stories on the theme, “Masked.” Whether it’s wearing a mask for your first Halloween, wishing you could hide your face in […]

International Spotlight: Multi-Cultural Stories from Israel

Event for Ages 10+ Presented by Israel Storytellers Association and hosted by Rinah Sheleff.A potpourri of folk tales and personal stories, reflecting the multiple cultural backgrounds that characterize our society. Stories Tales of the Baal Shem Tov: A Forest, a Fire and a Prayer told by Rinah SheleffSometimes, all that’s left is the story.Born in […]

ORACLE Spotlight Performance & Closing Ceremony

Jackson Gilman Jackson has featured at the national festival four times and is a four time Teller-in-Residence at the ISC. Song, dance, mime and/or sign language might be incorporated in performance – whatever works best to bring a story to life. He helps others develop their own stories at his Springboards for Stories workshop held […]

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