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Traditional Tales and the Modern Teller

by Rafe Martin For tellers today, traditional tales are like a form of classical music. The patterns are known and resonant. In so many ways our work will naturally – whether we know it or not—reflect back to these oldies and goldies. Forty years ago when I was training as a mythopoeic literary critic I …

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Storytelling House Concerts?

by Michael Reno Harrell I’ve been singing songs and telling stories to audiences longer than seems possible; and making a living at it which has at times has seemed impossible. Traveling in these two worlds, music and storytelling, I find little crossover, but many things in common. For one thing, being a performing artist means …

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Front-Porch "Twitter": The Importance of Face-to-Face Story-Sharing

by Lyn Ford A young student in a story-sharing / story-writing workshop that had been organized specifically for “gifted and talented” students hung back from those who rushed to their lunches. He never looked directly at me; he shuffled his feet and watched his shoes, and nervously glanced up at me as he spoke. He …

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